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Scheduled Relaxation

How does a full-time nursing student, part-time nursing assistant, wife, and mom of 2 fur babies relax and/or have fun? Only during scheduled days or set times of relaxation. No joke. That may sound neurotic to some of you, but it’s what works for me, and what I need to do to be successful in my endeavors.

When I do get to decompress, which truly only occurs on breaks from class, I savor it. I spend time with people I haven’t seen all semester, catch up on some good quality sleep, watch tv/movies I didn’t have time for, and, most importantly, I get to go out and do things without an increased level of anxiety knowing assignments are waiting for me at home.  

During the semester, I make sure to work-out regularly. It helps me stay balanced. My husband and I go out and do something together for a couple hours once a week or every other week (depending on how much work I have due and studying). This is a time we get to focus on us and not the projects we are working on. We also try and spend that last hour before bed watching mindless tv together.

It’s important to schedule these short periods of time away from schoolwork. You might feel guilty, but it helps you stay fresh and prevents topic focused exhaustion. Step away for a few moments from learning about hypertension before you give yourself hypertension. For real.

Find something you enjoy doing and make time for it. It really does help.

And breathe…