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Take a Walk Outside

Walking outside is great a stress reliever. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, if I’m not having a personal dance party, I’m taking a walk outside. The fresh air, the sun on your skin, and the ability to move at any pace and be with your thoughts is refreshing. It is also very relaxing. Not to mention, UVB rays from the sun are a necessity for your body to produce vitamin D in its active form, which is needed for calcium absorption. So, take a walk, relax, and produce some vitamin D.

Cleveland Clinic put out a list of 5 reason you should take a walk today.

1. Walking reduces stress and helps with self-esteem

2. You can lose weight by walking just 30 min a day

3. Regular walking lowers blood pressure, energizes you and improves sleep

4. Walking with a friend can be a bonus, chat and catchup. Call a family member to help pass the time.

5. People experience a lack of snack cravings after a walk (not the reason I would choose a walk, but it’s an added benefit)

All good reasons to take a walk today! And remember…breath.